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Bed and Breakfast Inns

You work hard every day to make your Bed and Breakfast Inn look good for the next customer. You wash the sheets, vacuum the rooms, and move the chairs and tables back. Having your Bed and Breakfast Inn look good every day takes a lot of effort and care. You want to present it in the best possible way to your customers to provide them with a one-of-a-kind experience.

But did you know that your Bed and Breakfast Inn's presentation starts online? When was the last time you thought about aligning the look and feel of your website with what your Inn actually looks like? Clean, well-cared for, and up to date?

This is why we have developed a unique solution just for our Bed and Breakfast owners, which includes a makeover website design and a proprietary customer tracking solution. Want to know what your web customers like before they check in? Contact us to learn more.

What's included for only $299?

  • Mind-blowing website design for your Bed and Breakfast Inn tailored to your needs and likes!
  • As many content pages as you like!
  • Search engine friendly code with tips and tricks on how to optimize your content to be highly ranked on Google and other search engines!
  • Free Content Management System so you can change your layout and content online quickly and with ease!
  • W3C.org valid code to ensure your website is displayed correctly across browsers!
  • Our in-house developed visitor tracking system that shows you how many visitors your website gets and which pages they visit!
  • Take advantage of our expertise in designing websites for Bed and Breakfast Inns!
  • An unbeatable price of only $299!

Additional Services

  • Contact form for your website to reduce spam and connect with your visitors for only $10!
  • Custom PHP coding starting at only $20/hour!
Don't wait any longer. Contact us today!

email us now at jkuboschek@gmail.com
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