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Your company does not have a website yet? Perhaps, you own a very new business? Or you own a well-established company, but have not had the time to go bring your business online?

Websites in the 21st century play an essential role in business. It is your company's face to the world online - to millions of internet users, 24/7. It lets potential customers find you, get information about your valuable services, and stay in touch with you.

Having a website now is as much expected of any business as were fax, telephone, and business cards. Your website can be as small as a few pages, but you'll notice the impact of this new way of customer outreach immediately and in a powerful way.

What's included for only $299?

  • Mind-blowing website design for your business tailored to your needs and likes!
  • As many content pages as you like!
  • Search engine friendly code with tips and tricks on how to optimize your content to be highly ranked on Google and other search engines!
  • Free Content Management System so you can change your layout and content online quickly and with ease!
  • W3C.org valid code to ensure your website is displayed correctly across browsers!
  • Our in-house developed visitor tracking system that shows you how many visitors your website gets and which pages they visit!
  • An unbeatable price of only $299!

Additional Services

  • Advanced visitor tracking system that shows you what other websites your visitors have visited to tell you more about your target audience for only $10/month!
  • Contact form for your website to reduce spam and connect with your visitors for only $10!
  • Custom PHP coding starting at only $20/hour!
Don't wait any longer. Contact us today.

email us now at jkuboschek@gmail.com
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